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Where Dreams of FREEDOM, FAMILY and The FUTURE are Fulfilled

MCFI “The EB-5 Possibility Center”

Welcome to the Midwest Center for Foreign Investment (MCFI) - "The EB-5 Possibility Center”

The Midwest Center for Foreign Investment, LLC (MCFI) has been officially designated by the USCIS as a “Regional Center”. We welcome you to learn and explore the investment opportunities provided by our “EB-5 Possibility Center” which is located in one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States. 

Our headquarters location in Louisville, Kentucky is in the heart of the USA and is within two hours flying time of over 75% of the population of the US and Canada. Louisville has been named the “Possibility City”, where possibilities for new ideas and growth abound. We are the home of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Muhammad Ali, the Kentucky Derby and the UPS world logistics hub which is the largest and busiest air freight terminal in the world. Our citizens have access to large metropolitan area amenities while enjoying the relaxed, family oriented lifestyle of rural America. Kentucky has an affordable, strong, stable economy, fine weather, clean air and the freedom to dream big dreams of future opportunities for you and your family. In 2009, Louisville had the fourth highest rate of individual income growth in the US and the Elizabethtown Metropolitan Service Area (MSA) ranked fourth in the rate of economic growth out of the 336 MSA’s in the entire USA. Forbes magazine ranked Indiana as #1 in the Midwest and 6th in the nation for the “Cost of Doing Business”. MCFI is “The EB-5 Possibility Center” located in Louisville, “The Possibility City” where Dreams of Freedom, Family and the Future are Fulfilled.

Dr. Jayesh Sheth, M.D. Managing Partner

Dr. Jayesh Sheth

Dr. Sheth is a principal and one of the founding members of MCFI. He is a Family Medicine and Geriatric Medicine Specialist, with his M.D. from Gujarat University in India. He has extensive healthcare and management experience including Clinical Care, Practice Administration, Health Care Management and Health Information Systems. Dr. Sheth also sits on the board of several leading business organizations and has founded multiple successful enterprises.

Where Dreams of FREEDOM, FAMILY and The FUTURE are Fulfilled

MCFI “The EB-5 Possibility Center”

MCFI "The EB-5 Possibility Center

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