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Eight Ways to Distinguish MCFI from Other Centers

Eight Ways to Distinguish MCFI from Other Centers

1) The Midwest Center for Foreign Investment (MCFI) was officially approved and designated as a “Certified Regional Center” by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a division of the Department of Homeland Security on July 28, 2010. Subsequently, the IIUSA, a non-profit Association of Regional Centers which serves as a “watch dog” for the EB-5 program, has chosen MCFI to be one of the members of the “Best Practices” committee. MCFI is one of only three Regional Centers in the United States to be on this committee.

2) MCFI is the only center to use an independent underwriting firm to provide underwriting and a financial analysis of projects we offer to our EB-5 Clients. This provides an additional layer of security for the EB-5 Client in deciding which project meets his investment requirements.

3) MCFI requires all of its project developers to supply a portion of the initial capital investment funds from their own pocket, so that they have a vested interest in the success of the project. In no case do our EB-5 Clients supply 100% of the initial capital investment. MCFI also protects its EB-5 Clients by using a limited partnership investment structure, so that as limited partners in the project they select, our EB-5 Clients can never be required to supply additional capital investment after their original investment.

4) The EB-5 Client gets his investment money back first when the project is sold. MCFI receives almost no money up front. Almost the entire Origination and Processing fee are used for actual expenses. MCFI makes its money after the project is sold and after the EB-5 Client has received his original investment money back first. The net profits are then divided on a split of 60 % for the EB-5 Client and 40% for MCFI on $800,000 investments and a split of 70% for the EB-5 Client and 30% for MCFI on $1,050,000 investments.

5) If the project fails or does not make a profit, MCFI makes no money for the services it provides. This is one of the reasons that MCFI does such a thorough and extensive evaluation of the project before we accept it for investment purposes and before we offer it to our EB-5 Clients.

6) MCFI is conservative in its investment philosophy. We only recommend investments that have been extensively analyzed and which we believe are safe, sound and secure. Our goal is to achieve a net profit of at least 10% annually on each investment. This should return 6% – 7% to the EB-5 Client and 3% – 4% to MCFI.

7) MCFI has received letters of endorsement from local mayors, state governors and national political leaders. Almost all of the projects offered by MCFI are partially supported or financed by local, state or federal government loans or bonds or receive various other types of governmental tax credits, grants or support. Many of the projects we offer are in the form of public- private partnerships that will have both American investors as well as our EB-5 Clients. In these instances, the EB-5 Client is treated equally with the American investor. By law, the American investor can not be treated preferentially in any way.

8) MCFI offers an additional broad range of concierge services to its EB-5 Clients which are not available through other Regional Centers. These include help in identifying a place of residence in the U.S. that is available for purchase or rent, help in getting children enrolled in good schools, help in identifying sources of scholarships, help in setting up bank accounts, locating ethnic places of worship, ethnic groceries and restaurants and other services in order to help our investors integrate into the American lifestyle while maintaining the heritage of their native land. We will also furnish names and contact information for translators, legal and financial experts for those in need of these services.

Our EB-5 Clients are our most valuable asset and we want to welcome them to the United States of America. America is the Land of Opportunity where the Possibilities are endless and Dreams of Freedom, Family and the Future are fulfilled. We want to help fulfill those dreams.