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Role of the MCFI

The Role of the MCFI

MCFI will:

  • MCFI provides EB-5 consulting services
  • Identify and qualify investment projects as having the potential to meet federal and MCFI guidelines
  • Prepare and provide all necessary documentation from beginning to end
  • Monitor qualified projects for job creation and other USCIS program compliance requirements
  • Comply with all federal guidelines under the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program
  • MCFI manages the the foreign investor’s investment
  • MCFI helps the foreign investor comply with all of the required paperwork, rules and regulations of the USCIS visa program
  • MCFI supplies the investor with information about projects which qualify for the EB-5 visa program
  • MCFI supplies information concerning TEA status on projects offered for investment
  • MCFI supplies the investor with a financial analysis and underwriting information prepared by an independent underwriting firm
  • Upon request, MCFI supplies the names of knowledgeable and reputable immigration lawyers, tax lawyers, accountants and financial advisors