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On September 15, 2014 Leigh Bodenheimer from MCFI met with officials from Wei Shi Overseas Consultants, Ltd.  During this visit, both parties discussed future cooperation for clients and signed an agency agreement appointing Wei Shi Overseas Consultants Ltd.  as an official immigration agency with MCFI to provide EB-5 consulting and service in regards to MCFI projects in China. 

Wei Shi Overseas has aggressively started training their sales consultants on The Clark’s Landing project and have been marketing our project throughout China.  The US staff of MCFI will travel frequently to Guangzhou to assist in training and host upcoming seminars with Wei Shi Overseas to assist in project promotion. 

MCFI is excited to work with the excellent staff at Wei Shi in assisting Chinese foreign nationals in achieving their dream of immigration through foreign investment. 

Please click on the link to take you directly to information regarding The Clark’s Landing on Wei Shi’s website:

MCFI – The EB-5 Possibility Center signs agency agreement with Wei Shi Overseas Consultants, Ltd of Guangzhou, China

Ason Dian, Director of Immigration Programs –

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