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The Program


The U.S. Immigrant Investor Program is an employment-creation visa program that was made possible by Section 610 of Public Law 102-395 (October 6, 1992).

The Program began in accordance with a congressional mandate that was designed to stimulate economic activity and create jobs for U.S. workers, while simultaneously affording eligible aliens the opportunity to become lawful permanent residents (LPR).

The program provides for the issuance of conditional (two-year) green cards to federally approved accredited investors and their families (spouse and all unmarried children under the age of 21 at time of application) who invest a minimum of USD 1,050,000 or USD 800,000 in a qualified project, within the designated target areas, and which creates a combined total of at least 10 full-time direct and indirect U.S. jobs per EB-5 investment.

After the initial two-year period, MCFI has an economist develop a study to determine if the investment meets all the federal guidelines. Upon the satisfaction of this requirement, the investor’s legal representative files form I-829 with USCIS. Upon approval, the conditional green cards become permanent.

MCFI does not offer legal, tax, financial or investment advice on any of the projects we present to foreign investors. Our sole purpose is to facilitate the immigration process for foreign nationals seeking immigration to the United States via the EB-5 visa program. We identify projects which qualify for EB-5 visa investments, verify their potential for job creation and their TEA status. We then obtain the business plan, proforma, financial summary, Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), subscription agreement and other information from the project developer. The project developer is solely responsible for the content of these documents which are made available to the foreign investor through MCFI. We also provide the foreign investor with a financial analysis and underwriting report from an independent underwriting firm. Upon request we will furnish names of lawyers, accountants and financial advisors who we believe are knowledgeable and reliable however, we do not guarantee their work product. The foreign investor is solely responsible for his investment decisions and his investment money is at risk and cannot be refunded after it is released from Escrow into a project.

For your convenience, MCFI has developed the Path to Citizenship document that outlines the procedures and steps to take to invest in a Regional Center project through the EB-5 Visa Program and MCFI. *These procedures and steps may vary.