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The Immigration Process


Following the Investment Process, MCFI will assist in initiating the immigration procedure. MCFI does not handle visa cases internally, but will work closely with the accredited investor’s legal representative to carefully prepare documentation. MCFI strongly recommends professional legal services for the initial petition (I-526E).

It is important for approved investors to be familiar with all the recent requirements and timelines regarding admission to the United States and application for removal of conditions   (I-829 form).

Foreign investors may obtain conditional or permanent resident status through investment upon satisfaction of USCIS, DHS, and MCFI requirements. Note: MCFI makes no guarantee of obtaining conditional or permanent resident status. However, should you not receive approval of your I-526E application, an appeal can be filed by your immigration attorney. Your entire investment (USD 500,000 or USD 1,000,000) will be returned to you and USD 40,000 of the USD 50,000 origination and processing fee will also be refunded, if after appeal your I-526E is not approved, unless you have previously realeased your Escrowed investment money to a project.

We have a variety of industries and businesses in Kentucky and southern Indiana which offer qualified projects. They include development projects such as real estate, residential construction, manufacturing, medical buildings, office buildings, call centers, hotels and hospitality, senior care facilities and restaurants.