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The Investment


An MCFI professional will assist the investor with this entire process from start to finish ensuring that all aspects of the program will be carried out as smoothly, effectively, and efficiently as possible. We realize that this process could be a very traumatic experience for someone not familiar with the process. Therefore, our commitment to you the investor, is to assist you from beginning to end, managing your interests in the same manner as our own.

MCFI carefully identifies, evaluates, and selects qualified investment projects for consideration by accredited investors. This selection process may include, but is not limited to, analysis related to financial statements, business plans, proformas, market analysis, econometric models, project principals, feasibility studies, economic impact studies and job creation analysis, etc.

An accredited investor interested in such a project is then given the project’s confidential information, including a proforma, a limited partnership agreement, a subscription agreement for a limited partnership unit and an escrow agreement from the investment project principals. The accredited investor also wires $50,000 USD to a separate MCFI operating bank account for expenses relating to the consulting and processing services provided by the Regional Center.

MCFI then provides documentation for the accredited investor to subscribe to a limited partnership unit and he/she irrevocably commits USD 1,050,000 or USD 800,000 to a bank escrow account, pursuant to the escrow agreement. Documents related to the project are signed and returned to the investment project principals. The investor or his/her bank is then required to provide evidence of the commitment of legitimate funds to MCFI.

Upon such notification, MCFI determines whether the accredited investor has selected an immigration lawyer to file Form I-526 (petition for alien entrepreneur) with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). If requested, MCFI will provide a list of qualified immigration lawyers from which to choose so that the immigration process may commence immediately and proceed smoothly.

This process includes but is not limited to an initial due diligence by MCFI regarding the investor and source of funds. USCIS and DHS also perform due diligence on related matters. Once due diligence is satisfactorily completed by all parties, the I-526 petition is filed. 

If the foreign investor has deposited his money in the Master Escrow Account and wants to change his mind to another project later, he is free to do so.  Once the money has been sent to the Master Escrow Account it can not be withdrawn and will remain in escrow until it is transferred to a specific project or refunded under the terms of the Escrow Agreement.  Transfer to a specific project account can be made only under the terms of the Escrow Agreement and the Escrow Transfer Agreement signed by both the foreign investor and MCFI.  Once the investment has been transferred to a specific project account, it cannot be transferred to another project account.  The accredited investor is responsible for making sure that any and all bank wire transfer fees are paid so that no less than the full required USD 1,050,000 or USD 800,000 is deposited into the MCFI project account.

After the Escrow money has been released to a project, the accredited investor and his/her spouse and all unmarried children under the age of 21 are eligible to receive conditional resident status for two years, apply in the U.S. or at a U.S. consulate in their home country and submit an application for adjustment of status.